SWE Austin Focus Areas

Starting in FY22, the Austin section selected four Focus Areas which are intended to provide alignment across the section and across our activities for the year.  By communicating to the membership with common language around an understood mission, we can more directly convey what members should expect to get out of each activity, event, or invitation.  Since individual members may have different personal priorities around their participation in SWE, this more targeted approach should help members better select which activities provide them the most value for their time.

Reach out to swe.austintexas@gmail.com if you have an idea for an activity, event, or volunteer opportunity in any of these Focus Areas!


Opportunities for members to engage with others across professions and tenure, and help members build lasting relationships.

SWE Austin hosts member events like happy hours, brunches, or coffee meetups to bring members together and encourage networking.  The section also participates in activities with corporate ERGs and other professional organizations to provide broader networking opportunities.

Career Development

Provide advice, mentorship, and guidance to members seeking to grow their career or explore new career paths.

In SWE Austin, members with professional experience have opportunities to share their knowledge with less experienced professionals and collegiates.  The section collaborates with corporate ERGs to provide professional development workshops and presentations and offers mentorship opportunities as well as joint events with the UT SWE chapter.  The section also supports member nominations for SWE awards and can aid in the application process.  SWE awards can be a great opportunity for recognition by employers as well.

Leadership Development

Leadership training and opportunities for members to practice leadership skills.  

Active participation with SWE can be a great way to practice critical leadership skills including public speaking, motivating teams, and strategic planning.  Leadership positions built from non-elected and elected positions in the section up through the SWE national organization with increasing responsibilities. 

STEM Outreach

Opportunities to support the local community in promoting STEM engagement for youths. 

SWE Austin works with many organizations around the city of Austin to support youth STEM engagement.  The section offers resources, volunteers, and mentorship to youth organizations.